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Third Generation

Descendants of Hastings Marks


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Peter Marks and Joanna Sydnor


Peter MARKS (Hastings², John¹,) Notes: Pettigrew, Marian Dewoody & Brightwell, Newton Edward, MARKS-BARNETT FAMILIES AND THEIR KIN; p. 5.

"Peter Marks...probably lived in Charlottesville, VA, as his business operations were mainly connected with the real estate of the town. In 1779 he was Escheator for the county, and during tyhe Revolution for the confiscation of the property of those who took sides with the British. In 1791 he bought from Mr. Monroe the square on which stood the store of T. J. Norman, his death occurred 1795, and left his affairs greatly complicated, taking several years to straighten them up, in fact part of the above purchase was not finally disposed of until 1830.

"We find mention of another real estate deal of Peter Marks, and President James Monroe, in conveying his town property to Peter Marks, it is recited that he sold to him the 'pine plank and materials deposited thereon, except that which was planed, and the walnut plank, and reserved in the house, room for his furniture and family, until the houses on the farm were ready for occupancy. (Wood's HISTORY OF ALBEMARLE CO., VA, pp. 262-280.)

"Peter Marks was one of the Signers of the Albemarle Declaration of Independence, 21 Apr 1779; original preserved in Hist. Society of VA,(Wood's History, p. 365.) He married Joanna Sydnor, of Virginia... Issue:

  1. Sarah Marks, m. Joshua Nicholas, Dep. Clk, Albemarle Co., VA p. 5, "Sarah Marks, m. Joshua Nicholas, Dep. Clk. Albemarle Co., VA." p. 14, 15; "Sarah Marks...m. Joshua Fry Nicholas"... He was the son of John Nicholas (who was the son of George Nicholas, Rev. Soldier and wife Elizabeth Carter, daughter of Robert (King) Carter) and wife Martha, daughter of Col. Joshua Fry and wife Mrs. Mary (Micou) Hill; daughter of Dr. Paul Micou, Huguenot from France. They married in Virginia, immigrated to Kentucky. She died in Winchester, Kentucky. Joshua Nicholas died in Virginia.

  2. p. 5; Martha Marks, m. Francis McGee, d. 1846. Albemarle Co., VA.

    p. 6; footnote: "The brick house and stable are still standing, that was used as a tavern by Francis McGee, after Hardin, and that was recently the residence of his daughter, Mrs. John J. Woods. Woods Hist. Albemarle Co., VA, p. 61.

    The most of the children moved to Kentucky. The only one who spent her entire life in the county was Mrs. McGee.

    p. 16, "Martha Marks and Francis McGee-The McGee name was prominent in Albemarle Co., VA, but is is not known whether Francis McGee was related to them or not. He appears early in the century as having married Martha Marks, daughter of Peter Marks. He purchased the interests of some of the Marks heirs, in Charlottesville, VA, on which was located the old stone house, and exchanged them with James Lewis for the place on Moore's Creek. In 1817 he bought from Dabney and Thomas Skelton, the farm between Ivy and Mechum's Depot, which is still, or rather was in the family in 1900. Francis Mc Gee conducted for many years the old Hardin Tavern, on the Staunton Road.He died in 1846."

    [Footnote] "In the early years of the century a Thomas Martin married Mary Ann, daughter of Daniel White. His home was west of Batesville, VA. He died 1827. His children were: Ann, m. John L. White, Azariah, Diana, m. James Lobban (2nd wife), Thomas, Mary, m. William Stone, Charles, Elizabeth, Daniel, Henry, Barbara, m. John Lobban, and Lucy, m. William H. Garland. All lived Albemarle Co., VA. (See p. 265 Wood's Hist. Albemarle Co., VA)

  3. Mary Marks, m. (2nd wife) James Lewis.

  4. Sophia Marks, m. Russell Brown.

  5. Elizabeth, m. John W. Hinde, moved to Clark Col, KY.

  6. Ann (Nancy) Meriwether Marks, m. Temple Gwathmey, nephew of George Rogers Clark, they moved to Jefferson Co., KY. p. 7; "Ann (Nancy) Meriwether Marks, m. Temple Gwathmey (Owen, Owen, Richard, Owen). Temple Gwathmey's parents Owen Gwathmey, of 'The Meadows' Louisville, KY, were married 1773; his mother was Ann Clark, (1755-1822) sis. of George Rogers Clark, the famous explorer of the Lewis and Clark expedition." [The Clark brother of the Lewis and Clark Expedition was William.]

  7. Hastings, b. 12 Sep 1769; bap. 19 Jan 1770; moved to Clark Co., KY. No record.

  8. Peter Marks, no record.

  9. Fortunas, bap. 18 Aug 1721.

p. 34; footnote; Peter Marks, J.S. Marks, Richard Harvie, J. Harvie - among others were appointed 'Subscribers to ride in rotation every week for papers, and letters to be delivered two days after arrival of post to Fred'g at Bentivoglio and Charlottesville, VA.

The above was the result of the desire of Pres. Thomas Jefferson in regard to a surer correspondence - This was met by Dr. Gilmer who secured a subscription toward postal carriage. This was the obligation, and many of VA's distinguished men were the subscribers.

Woods, HISTORY OF ALBEMARLE CO., VA p. 398; Necrology: "Peter Marks died 1795."


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John Marks and Lucy Meriwether

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John MARKS (Hastings², John¹,) p. 3; footnote: "Captain John Markes; Phillip Love's Co. of Volunteers, Virginia Cont'l Line, 16 Sep 1774... VA Co. Militia."

p. 4; "John Marks, of Louisa Co., VA, married Mrs. Lucy (Meriwether) Lewis."

p. 6; footnote: "John Marks (Hastings², John¹,) was a Capt. in Revolutionary War, and for this service, received a grant of 4,000 acres of land on Brush Creek, Ross Co., Ohio. He marched to Williamsburg, VA, 2 May 1775, to demand satisfaction of Lord Dunmore for the removal of the powder (Wood's History p. 364)

p. 6; footnote; "John Marks was Capt. 14th VA, (p.368) Also commanded a company in 1st Virginia, took part in battled of Guilford Court House, Camden, Ninety-six, and Eutaw Springs. (p.370) Commanded the 10th virginia Regt. 1779, and 1785; was Sheriff of Albemarle Co., VA 1785; Magistrate of the County, 1783__(VA County Records) For the above service his descendants were eligible to DAR. See Nat. Nos. 44825-64534. He was commissioned 20 Mar 1779."

"Capt. John Marks, having served in the Army for five years, with great fidelity is obliged on account of his bad state of health to retire from service, and is therefore permitted to resign; given under my hand, in camp at Chesterfield, this 15th, day of Feb. 1781. By order, from Staulere? Kaulere? Signed, William Davis, Col."

"Capt. John Marks, Virginia Cont. Line, 3years service, 3 Sep 1783. Sons of Am. Revolution. Kentucky Year Book, 1893/94; Land Bounty & Warrants. p. 203."

pp. 6-7; [footnote] "United States of America; In Congress Assembled; To John Marks, Esq., Greetings: We reposing special trust, and confidence in your patriotic conduct, and fidelity, do by these presents, constitute, and appoint you to be a Captain in the 10th VA Regt. United states army, to take rank as such from the 15th day of March, 1777, A.D. You are therefore carefully, and diligently to discharge the duty of a Captain, by doing, and performing all manner of things thereunto belonging. And we do strictly charge, and require all officers, and soldiers, under your command to be obedient to your orders, and you are to observe, and follow such orders, and directions, from time to time as you shall receive from this , or from a future Congress, of United States, or Committee of Congress, for that purpose appointed, committee of that United States, or Commander in Chief, for the time being of the Army of the United States, or any other superior officer. Acceding to the rules, and discipline of war, in pursuance of the trust reposed in you, this commission to continue in force until revoked by this or a future Congress, a committee of Congress before mentioned, or a committee of the states.

"Witness his Excellency, John Jay, Sec. Pres., of the Congress of the U.S. of America at Philadelphia, the 20th day of March, 1779, and in the year of IndependenceJohn Jay. Entered in Office of War dept. Examined by Board attest. R. Scull ...Secretary of Board. (DARLin. Bk., V. 65, p. 188) contributed by Mrs. H. C.. Jones, Huntsville, AL. Loaned her by an elderly relative, Miss Minnie Jordan."

pp. 7-8; "Capt. John Marks (Hastings², John¹,)m. Mrs. Lucy (Meriwether) Lewis, b 1752; dr. of Thos. Meriwether, wf. Elizabeth Thornton, of VA, widow of Col. Wm. Lewis (Robert) who lived at Locust Hill, near Ivy Depot. See DAR Lin. Bks. Mar. in, or about 1784/85, it is said.

"Capt. John Marks and his family removed with the Gilmer immigration to Wilkes County, Georgia, where he died shortly after, a year or two, leaving two children and three stepchildren. He removed to Georgia during his incumbency in office as Sheriff, and act of the Legislature was passed Nov 1788, which recited that no sale of lands in Albemarle Co., BA delinquent for taxes for the years 1787-87, was legally possible because John Marks, Sheriff of said county had moved to Georgia some time during those years, and which therefore authorized William clark, one of his deputies to make such sale (Wood's Hist. p. 56).

"In the list of first Grand Jury in Oglethorpe Co., GA, appears the name of John Marks, this county was laid out 1793, eight years after the Goosepond settlement, which was included in Oglethorpe County."

"Capt. John Marks (Hastings, John) m. bet 1784/85, Mrs Lucy (Meriwether) Lewis, and had the following children and stepchildren; he died abt. 5 Mar 1800.

  1. Meriwether Lewis, b. Locust Hill, near Charlottesville, VA, 17 Oct 1774. The famous explored of the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Coast. Died unm., near Nashville, TN, while acting as Governor of Missouri Territory, 17 Oct 1809. pp. 7-8; Meriwether Lewis, b. Locust Hill, near Charlottesville, VA, 17 Oct 1774. The famous explored of the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific Coast. Died umn, near Nashville, TN, while acting as Governor of Missouri Territory, 17 Oct 1809

  2. Reuben Lewis, M.D., b 14 Feb 1777; m. coz. Mildred Dabney, dr of Samuel Dabney and wife, Mildred Meriwether, 5 Sep 1790. She died 5 Oct 1851. d.s.p. pp. 7-8; "Reuben Lewis, M.D., b 14 Feb 1777; m. coz. Mildred Dabney, dr of Samuel Dabney and wife, Mildred Meriwether, 5 Sep 1790. She died 5 Oct 1851. d.s.p." [This is the only mention of Mildred Meriwether dau. of Thomas Meriwether and Elizabeth Thornton being married to Samuel Dabney. That Mildred Meriwether was married to John Blair Gilmer. The Mildred Meriwether married to Samuel Dabney must be another. In that case Reuben and Mildred would not be cousins]. p. 308; "Thomas Meriwether, [son of David Meriwether and Anne Holmes] b. 1714, d 1756; m. Elizabeth Thornton, (Francis)." Children: 11 Jane b. 8 Apr 1757; m. Samuel Dabney, b. 17 Aug 1749. Had Mildred.

  3. Jane Lewis, b 31 Mar 1770; d. 15 Mar 1844/47; m. 1785 coz., Edmund Anderson (Richard) b.1763; d. 1810. Issue nine children. p. 17, "C. Harper Anderson, great grandson of Col. William Lewis and Lucy Meriwether, lived about one half mile from Ivy Station, on the C. & O. Railroad, he had in his possession, an oil portrait of his great grandmother known as "Aunt Marks." Many hundred acres of the historic Lewis estate came down to Mr. Anderson, and were in his possession many years ago."

  4. John Hastings Marks, M.D. b. 6 Jan 1786; d. unm. Baltimore, MD.

  5. Mary Garland Marks, b. Charlottesville, VA 27 Apr 1787; d. 24 Aug 1864; m. Maj. Wm. Harvie Moore, lived in GA." p. 8-9; "Mary Garland Marks, b. Charlottesville, VA 27 Apr 1787; d. 24 Aug 1864; m. Maj. Wm. Harvie Moore, lived in GA." "Mary Garland Marks, m. Maj. William Harvie Moore, reared by his great aunt and her husband, Mrs. Margaret (Harvie) Davenport, and John Davenport. His mother wass from Charlottesville, VA. William H. Moore, b. 27 Apr 1787; d. 24 Aug 1866. They moved to Baldwin, GA, several years before his death. Mrs. Moore d. in Bradford, Coosa Co., AL abt. 1864."

p. 8; "Capt. John Marks served under Baron Steuben, in the Revolutionary war, and his discharge papers are now in the possession of members of the family, he was with 10th BA regr. 1779-1785. He received a grant of land in Ross Co., Ohio. For his services in War, see DAR Lin. Books.

p. 10; footnote; "Virginia Colonial Militia - Lord Dunmore's War, 1774, p. 75; Marks, John, member of capt. Phillip Love's Co. of Volunteers. 10 Sep 1774. (Source Draper Mss. 32-33)

p. 25; footnote; John Marks on first grand jury of Oglethorpe Co., GA, 1794; three miles from Lexington, GA. GA and GA People, by Smith, p 202.

p. 36; Orange Co. VA Tithe Lists - Wm and Mary Quarterly, Jul 1918, p. 19. Ssaid County bounded South by Hanover, north by Fairfax Grant. Tithe List for 1734 - John Marks and Richard Sims, and several others.

Wood's History of Albemarle Co. Virginia p. 376; Appendix 6, County Officers: "Magistrates - John Marks, 1783 acting." "Sheriffs - John Marks 1785"

p. 380 Appendix 8, Emigrants to Other States: "James and John Marks - Wilkes Co., GA."


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James Marks and Elizabeth Harvie

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James MARKS (Hastings², John¹,) p. 4; "James Marks, b 1745, of Georgia, m Elizabeth Harvie." p. 5; footnote; "James Marks, m. Elizabeth Harvie, was, so Gilmer says, low in stature, and weighed about 120 pounds, certainly a contrast to his wife."

pp. 17-18; James Marks, born Albemarle Co., Va., 24 Aug 1745; d. 1816; m 24 Dec 1771, Elizabeth Harvie, (John, John); she was b. 24 Aug 1754; Aberfoyle, Albemarle Col, VA, baptized 24 Nov 1754; by Rev. John Ramsey. She died 1793; both died at Broad River, GA.

He was a Magistrate of Albemarle County, VA, 1783. Signed the Renunciation of allegiance to Great Britain, 21 apr,1779; the original of which is preserved in the Historical Society, of Richmond, VA. His will was signed 7 Mar 1816; prob. Oglethorpe County, GA Sept 1816; Witx. Charles L. Matthews, Thomas Wiley, Voluntine Meriwether.

James Marks lived on a farm consisting of 800 acres, near Keswick Depot, Albemarle County, VA and likely including it. Emigrated with his family to

p. 4; "James Marks, b 1745, of Georgia, m Elizabeth Harvie." Children:

  1. John Harvie Marks, b. 13 Jan 1773; either Oglethorpe or Wilkes Co. GA. Bap. by Rev. Matthew Maury, d. Mt Meigs, AL; m. Susan Tompkins, (Tomkins) 1794; She was born in Elbert Co., GA on Broad River 1775; d. 1836, either Caroline Bluff, LA or Mt Meigs, Montgomery Co., AL.
  2. Mary Hastings, b. 28 Feb 1775; bap. by Rev. Maury; m. Nicholas Johnson, 20 Jan 1791.
  3. Nicholas Meriwether Marks, b. 21 May 1777, bap. by Rev. Maury, 6 Feb 1806; d. 1 Jun 1847; m. 6 Feb 1806, Anne Paul Matthews, d. 21 Sep 1855; (William, Gov. George)
  4. Martha Gaines Marks, b. 28 Oct 1779; d. 18 Jul 1805.; bap by Rev Maury; She m. Rev. Guerry.
  5. Samuel Winston Marks, b. 2 Sep 1781; bap. by Rev. Maury; d. Jan 1782. "Bab. by Rev. Matthew Maury" copied fron the Harvie Bible.

p. 17; footnote; James Marks, living Elbert Co., GA 19 May 1790. See Hist. Coll. of GA p. 87.

p. 18; footnote; James Marks continued close personal relations with the Matthews family, and was engaged with them in sundry matters. His wife Elizabeth Harvie, d. on Broad River, Goose Pond Settlement, GA.

p. 19; footnote; James Marks rec'd land Grant, Wilkes Co., GA, 1798-1800; See Georgia and Georgia People by Smith, p. 637 Magistrate of Albemarle County, VA. See Nat. No. DAR 56823.

p. 27-28; Footnote; 1742 Roger Thompson, Fredericksville Parish, Vestry, Louisa and Albemarle Counties, took the test oath against transubstantiation in the sacrament, with T. Meriwether, John Poindexter, Ephraim Clark, John Stark, and others. Later vestrymen (until 1787) were John Nicholas, Wm. D. Meriwether, William and Tomas Johnson, John Harvie, John Rodes, James Marks, Dr. George Gilmer, and others. (Meade's Old Virginia Churches.)(1714-1756)."

p. 36; After 1762 a new vestry was elected some of the older ones continued. Among the new ones were James Marks, Tomas Jefferson, Dr. George Gilmer, Dr. Thomas Walker, John Harvie and others of the younger generration of friends and relatives. Meade's Old VA Churches. V 11, pp 42-43. Duties of vestry emphatically civil, as well as ecclesiastical. Meade says the Vestry is practically a list of active and influential revolutioners so uniformly were they found assisting to establish independence.

p. 43; footnote; Oglethorpe Co. Wills, (1807-1826) Bk. B. Humphrey Tompkins, Susanna Tompkins, James Marks, probated, 1816. Same page.

p. 45; footnote; James Marks, John Harvie, et al. vestrymen, from Louisa Co., VA and from Albemarle Co., VA 1787; See Wood's Hist. of Albemarle Co., VA.

p. 106; "The Albemarle Declaration of Independence shows the following names allied to the Marks family, James Marks, Peter Marks, John Harvie, Richard Harvie, Thomas Jefferson, William Lewis, Samuel Taliaferro, Richard Gaines, John Henderson, Sr., Hiram Gaines, William McGehee, Francis Taliaferro, and others."


p. 376; Appendix 6, County Officers: "Magistrates - James Marks, 1783 acting."

p. 386; Appendix 8, Emigrants to Other States: "James and John Marks - Wilkes Co., GA."


 p. 13: "Capt. Mathews District:
    Markes, James 1 White Male over 45   
                  1 White Female 16 to 26
                  1 White Female 26 to 45
                 23 Slaves

Georgia Pioneers vol xviii May 1881 #2

p. 56 Oglethorpe Co. Tax List 1796

Marks, James (R.S.) b. Eng. m. Elizabeth Harvie, left will Oglethorpe Co. 1816

Marks, (heirs of James)

Marks, John, Elbert Co. m. Susan Tompkins


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Hastings Marks and Ann Scott Jefferson

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"Hastings Marks of Albemarle county, VA, m. Anne Scott Jefferson." p. 10; footnote; "Hastings Marks, m. Anne Scott Jefferson, b. 1 Oct 1744, dr. of Peter Jefferson, b. 29 Feb 1708 and Jane Randolph, dr. of Isham Randolph of Goochland, b. 17 Mar 1739. The Old Free State, by Landon C. Bell, v. 2, p. 291." p. 16; footnote; "There is a difference of opinion as to the father of Hastings Marks, who married Ann Scott Jefferson, some say that he was the son of Peter Marks, others give him as the vrother of Peter. according to our tracing he was the son of Hastings Marks and his wife Mary of Hanover County, VA." p. 18; "Hastings Marks (Hastings, John) of Albemarle Co., VA; m. 1785; Ann Scott Jefferson, dr. of Peter Jefferson (Thomas, Thomas) and sister of President Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Marks owned a place in the Ragged Mountains, not6 far from the D.S. (?) He removed to this tide water district of the stateof Virginia. Letters received from President Jefferson, who at the time was Minister to France, show the kind and considerate disposition of the great man. Hastings Marks received renumeration for horses and wagons, employed in the Revolutionary service. He marched to Williamsburg, VA, 11 Jul 1775, under Lt. George Gilmer. (Wood's Hist. Alb. p. 365). Later removed to Clark county, KY, where he left descendants. See letters of Gov. A.S. Marks. Children: p. 19; footnote; Hastings Marks, military service; Virginia Ens. 1st Inf., 16 Aug 1791; Lt. 15 May 1792; 1st Subsistence Legion 4 Sep 1792; Capt 6 Jul 1794; resigned 1 Nov 1795. (Heitman's Reg. U. S. Army, V.1. Hastings Marks, Officer of the Virginia Militia in Revolution from Albemarle Co., VA (See Virginia Militia in Revolution, by McAllister) Mem. Com. of Safety. Richmond standard, 26 Jul 1879. Alb, SC [this must be VA instead of SC] This day Hastings Marks came before me, John Marks, Gent., one of the Magistrates, Justices of the Peace, for the said county, etc., living in Albemarle Counmty, VA 8 May 1781. Richard Harvie do. David Meriwether, do. Children:

  1. Elizabeth MARKS sp-Robert C. HANDLEY

  2. Edward C. MARKS

  3. Catherine MARKS sp- ____DAVIS

  4. Margaret MARKS sp- ____FITZPATRICK

  5. Gov. Albert S. MARKS sp- Norvella DAVIS (- abt 1903)




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Sarah Marks and John Winston

space Sarah Marks (Hastings², John¹,) married John Winston 26 Dec 1792. He was the son of John Winston and Alice Bickerton.
  1. Alice Bickerton Winston d: in Indianapolis, Indiana m.Thomas Barbee m: 21 Jun 1809
  2. Peter Winston d: in TN
  3. James Winston
  4. 4 [8] Mary C Winston d: in Indianapolis, Indiana m. Brown m. (2) Todd m: 21 Jun 1815
  5. Sarah G Winston d: 1854 in Crawfordsville, Indiana m. V Paxton Campbell
  6. Andrew Winston d: in Bourbon, Kentucky
  7. John Hastings Winston b: 20 Aug 1783 d: in Louisa, Virginia m. Damaris Alethe Campbell m: 29 May 1816




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