Aunt Nealie's Pedigree

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Williams Dickson Hicks Isaac Lanier Lanier


Space In 1849 my great grandfather, George Boddie, moved with his bride to Ouachita County, AR. from Autauga County, Alabama. In a letter to his mother, Clarissa (Lanier) Boddie Dickson, in Autauga county, AL, dated 17 Feb 1856, he wrote: Space
Vertical Shadow Space Space ...I received a message some time ago from uncle Geo Boddie requesting me to give him the Genealogy or as Clem would have it the Pedigree of my Mother's family - what he wants with it I can't surmise. Perhaps he thinks we haven't any & is in doubt whether to claim kin with me or not - Tell Grand Mother to send me one as long as she possibly can - all the way back to Oliver Cromwell & a little the other side if she sees proper- As I wish to astonish him - & make him think I am somebody anyhow....


The job of taking down the information fell to George's half sister, Cornelia Dickson. As source material I would rank the "Pedigree" as accurate as Bible Records with the following three exceptions: descent of the Williams from Oliver Cromwell was from family tradition; the Laniers, her husband's family, had actually been in America several generations before the birth of the ones she mentioned; and the list of Dickson ancestors from John Dickson going back to Simon Dickson I have seen with some variations. As to the rest of the "Pedigree" Mary (Dickson) Lanier was corresponding with many of the relatives she told Nealie about. Others were her closest relatives within the two preceeding generations. Some of the material seems to be from Bible Records, others from letters but all from first hand information. Nealie continued to correspond with members of the family until her death in 1927.
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Cornelia S. Dickson

Pedigree of My Mother's family,


a part of which, is as was told to me by my Gr. mother,

Mary Lanier, in 1856.

Williams Family

Theopolus and Ben Williams (fourth in descent from Oliver Cromwell through his daughter Frances) came from England.
Theophelus Williams settled near Halifax, N.C.
Ben Williams, Sr. married Christian Bryan. His sons were: Ben, John, James, Louis and Joseph.
  • Ben Williams, Jr. resided in Moore Co. N.C. left no children.
  • John Williams married, was Captain of a vessel and was killed at sea.
    His children were:
    1. Ben Williams, who at one time was Governor of N.C.
    2. John Pugh Williams who lived at Newbern, N.C.
    3. Mrs. Chapman
    4. Mrs. Guion
    5. Mrs. Ferrand of Swansborough, N.C.

  • James Williams married and lived in Onslow Co. N.C.
    His children were:
    1. Mrs. Nixon who lived at Topsail Sound
    2. Mrs. Col. Campbell
    3. Mrs Basil Smith
    4. Mrs. Cavender residents of Onslow Co. N.C.

  • Louis Williams married and lived at Newbern.
    His children were:
    1. Serena, wife of Daniel Hix.
    2. Bonetta, wife of Lot Battle, Newbern, N.C.
    3. James Williams, who married Lot Battle's sister.

  • Joseph Williams married Mary Hix daughter of Daniel Hix and his wife Edith Fonville, of Hix's ford, Virginia.
    His children were: Ben, Daniel, Theolopus, Hester, Susanna, Frances, Esther, Elizabeth and Mary.
    1. Ben Williams, son of Joseph, lived in Brunswick, N.C.
    2. Daniel Williams, son of Joseph, served through all of the Revolutionary War, moved to Dickson County, Tenn., which county was named for his nephew, Dr. William Dickson, as a compliment for services in Congress.
    3. Theolopus was killed.
    4. Hester Williams married Wm. Whitfield of Lenoir Co., Neuse River, N.C.
    5. Susanna Williams married Frederic Barfield, Duplin Co. N.C.
    6. Frances married George Cockburn of Birtie Co. N.C.
    7. Esther married James Morris of Newbern, N.C.
    8. Elizabeth married Charles Hooks.
    9. Mary married William Dickson of N.C.


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Dickson Family

The Dickson family trace their genealogy to the days of Oliver Cromwell.

William Dickson, son of John Dickson and Ann, his wife, was born in Chester Co. Pennsylvania on the 10th day of January, 1739.

Mary Williams, daughter of Joseph Williams and Mary Hix, his wife, was born in Onslow Co. N.C. the 23rd day of February, 1749.

William Dickson and Mary Williams were married in Duplin Co. N.C. on Thursday, the 29th day of October, 1767. Their children were:

  • Ann Dickson, born Thursday, 6th of Sept, 1768.
  • William Dickson, born Saturday, 5th of May, 1770.
  • Janes Williams Dickson born on Monday, 20th of April, 1772.
  • Joseph Dickson, born on Saturday, 28th of January, 1775.
  • Mary Dickson, born on Monday, 20th of October, 1776.
  • Louis Dickson, born on Wednesday, 4th of March, 1778.
  • Frances Dickson, born on Thursday, 20th of April, 1780.
  • Susanna Dickson, was born on Wednesday, 11th of Feb, 1784.
  • Elizabeth Dickson was born on Thursday, 1st of May, 1788.

Ann Dickson married William Lanier. Outlived their children but have grandchildren.

William Dickson, became a physician, married. His eldest daughter married Dr. Stith, lived near Franklin, Tenn, 18 miles South of Nashville (1856). His second daughter, Florida, married Henry Baldwin, who was in the patent office at Washington City (1856).

James Dickson married Nellie; his widow and three daughters lived in Greensboro (1856), Alabama. The daughters were: Mrs. Barden, Mrs. Halter, and Mrs. Webb.

Joseph Dickson married: his children were Dr. James Dickson in N.C. on Goshen Swamp; Calvin S. Dickson in Bladen Co. Batys Bridge; Mrs. Lucy Russell who died and left two children in Texas that were afterwards carried to Duplin Co., N.C.

Louis Dickson married: his only child, a daughter, Martha, married Samuel Hatch, a Presbyterrian Minister-lived near Greensboro, Ala. (1856). Raised a family of handsome daughters and several sons.

Frances Dickson married William Pickett of N.C. about Fayetteville-removed to Autauga Co. Ala. Their children were Dickson, Albert and Eliza.

  • Dickson Pickett married ____ of New York; both died young leaving one child, a daughter named Eliza who married Judge Leroy Pope Walker of Tenn.
  • Albert Pickett married Sarah Harris: raised a large family of sons and daughters:
    1. William R. Pickett married Laura Holt.
    2. Martha married Mike Woods.
    3. Corine married Ed Randolph.
    4. Mary married Sam Harris.
    5. Eliza married Banks.
    6. Sallie married Randolph.
    7. Albert
    8. Austin
  • Eliza Pickett married Moseley Baker of Texas and died leaving only two daughters: Fannie and Eliza Baker. Fannie married Mr. Darden of Galveston, Texas. Eliza died in youth.
Mary Dickson married Isaac Lanier a brother of William Lanier who married Ann Dickson.


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Mary Dickson and Isaac Lanier

Isaac Lanier was a widower with three children when she married him: Birrel, Isaac and a daughter,
  • Arabella who married Dr. Brunson and died leaving no children.
  • Birrel Lanier married Mary McCrab; left three sons, William, Alexander & Birrel who lived in Madison Co. Ala. 1870.
    William and Birrel married and have families: Alex never married.
  • Isaac Lanier, Jr. married Henrietta Van Lear; they left two sons, Sam and Felix who lived in northeast Arkansas - Mississippi County.

Isaac Lanier's children by his last wife - Mary Dickson were: Dickson Lanier, Clement Lanier and Clarissa Lanier and Nancy Lanier.
  • Dickson Lanier married Ann Calwell, left two children
    1. Dr. Isaac D. Lanier who married Iantha De Jarnett; they have a family of children - live in Ala. 1868
    2. Mary Dickson Lanier who married a Mr. Darwin near Huntsville, Ala.
  • Clement Lanier never married.
  • Nancy Lanier married Eldred Rawlins of Madison Co. Ala. left only one child, a daughter
    1. Mary who married William Love of N.C., they left six children: Clement L., Cole J., Eldred R., William D., Andrew J. and Kate H. Love.
  • Clarrissa Lanier married first Thomas Boddie of Madison Co. Ala. by him she left three children:
    1. George Boddie
    2. Frances P. Boddie
    3. Carolina L. Boddie
    By her last husband - Samuel H. N. Dickson of Ala. fomerly of S.C., she left two children
    1. Clarissa Dickson
    2. Cornelia S. Dickson
George Boddie, son of Clarrissa and Thomas Boddie married Mary E. Gildersleeve whose father, John Gildersleeve, came from Long Island, N.Y.; her mother, Martha Jones, from Newbern, N.C. George Boddie removed to Ouachita Co. Ark. where he died leaving six children: John R., Willis T., George Gildersleeve, Mary E., Carrie F. and Robert Lee.

Frances P. Boddie married Dr. John Benjamin Rumph of South Carolina. They also moved to Ouachita County, Ark. Their children were George B. Rumph, Coralie, Bettie F., Thomas Louis and Florence.

Carolina L. Boddie married Addison Love of N.C. lived in ala. Their children were: Irene, Thomas B., Mary C., Addison C., Fannie, Will I., Ada, Wynona, Virginia C., Bessie, George B., and Crawford L.

Clarrissa Dickson, daughter of Clarrissa and Colonel S.H.N.Dickson, married John F. Dunlap of Ouachita County, Ark. formerly of Guinett Co. Georgia. Their children are: Lula M., Cora L., and John Boddie.

Cornelia Dickson is unmarried.


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Lanier Family

"Two brothers and four sisters came from Campania, France, They were: Birrel Lanier, Louis Lanier, Nancy Lanier, Agnes Lanier, Rebecca Lanier and a half sister, Frankey Smith. They were connected with the Washington family. [These were children of Burwell Lanier#154 and Elizabeth Hill. They were not imigrants. They were the fourth generation of Laniers born in America.]

  • Louis Lanier settled in Georgia.
  • Nancy Lanier married a Vaughn, settled in N.C.
  • Agnes Lanier married Davis; settled in Ga.
  • Franky Smith married Tom Hill settled in Dauphin [Duplin] Co. N.C.
  • Rebecca Lanier married Harris, settled in GA. Judge P.T. Harris of Alabama was her son; Hon. Sampson W. Harris of Ala. her grandson. The Hon. A. Chappel of Ga. and his brother, Jack Chappel, of Autauga Co, Ala. were her grandsons. Mrs. Dixon Hall, formerly Harris, of Louisiana was her granddaughter.
  • Birrel Lanier married Elizabeth Hill of N.C. and settled in Virginia. He was an independent country gentleman, lived well, kept a good table. Their children were: Sampson Lanier, William Lanier, Thomas Lanier, Isaac Lanier, Elizabeth, Cathren, Sarah, Nancy, Patsy and Fannie. His sons were all fine looking men and his daughters were all handsome women of good repute.
    1. Sampson married and died young-left one son named James.
    2. William Lanier married Nancy Dickson-Grandma's sister.
    3. Thomas Lanier lived to be very old; was married three times. Lived in the Northwest part of Ala. in 1856.
    4. Isaac Lanier married twice; his last wife was Mary Dickson, daughter of William Dickson.
    5. Elizabeth Lanier married Col. John Jennings.
    6. Cathren Lanier married Col. Thomas Clinton.
    7. Sarah Lanier married Wm. Marshall, Rep. of Anson Co. N.C.
    8. Nancy Lanier married Col. John McClelland of Salsbery, N.C.
    9. Patsy Lanier married Wm. Bell of Tenn.
    10. Fannie Lanier married Wm. Carr of Wadesboro, N.C.

Clarrissa Dickson and Cornelia S. Dickson, the daughters of Samuel H.N.Dickson, the son of Samuel H. Dickson, the son of Michael Dickson, the son of John Dickson, the son of Michael Dickson, the son of John Dickson, the son of Michael Dickson, the son of Joseph Dickson, the son of Joseph Dickson, the son of Simon Dickson who lived in the days of Oliver Cromwell (Clarrissa Lanier and her husband, Samuel H.N.Dickson were both descended from John Dickson).


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