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Descendants of William Boddie

1 William Boddie b: in Eng d: Bef. 25 Feb 1716/17 in
  Isle of Wight Co, VA	
    2 Mary Boddie			
      +John Browne			
  *2nd Wife of William Boddie:			
  *3rd Wife of William Boddie:			
  +Elizabeth b: Abt. 1650 d: Aft. 1699 m: 1683
    2 Elizabeth Boddie			
      +Alexander Matthews			
    2 John Boddie b: Abt. 1685 in Isle of Wight Co, VA d:
      Mar 1719/20 in Isle of Wight Co, VA	
      +Elizabeth Thomas b: 1675 d: 1752	
        3 John Boddie			
          +Elizabeth Jeffries			
        3 William Boddie b: Abt. 1710 in Isle of Wight Co,
          VA d: 1772	
          +Mary Bennett m: Bef. 1732
            4 Temperance Boddie			
              +Solomon Williams d: 28 Jul 1794 in Warren, NC
              m: Bef. 1765
            Descendants of Temperance Boddie and Solomon Williams
            4 Elijah Boddie d: Oct 1761	
            4 Willis Boddie			
              +Catharine Barnes			
            4 Nathaniel Boddie b: 22 Feb 1731/32 in Isle of
              Wight Co, VA d: 07 Dec 1797 in Rosehill, Nash
              Co, NC	
              +Chloe Crudup b: 1745 d: 16 Sep 1781 m: Bef.1763
             Descendants of Nathaniel Boddie and Chloe Crudup
            4 William Boddie b: 10 May 1749 in Nash, NC d:
              06 Jan 1817	
              +Martha Jones m: 05 Mar 1780
                5 Judith Boddie b: 26 Dec 1780	
                5 Sarah Boddie b: 1783		
                5 Mary Boddie b: 07 Mar 1785
                5 Temperance G Boddie b: 24 Mar 1787		
                5 William Boddie b: 21 Mar 1790 d: 02 Apr 1806	
                5 William Willis Boddie b: 12 Dec 1792		
                5 Elizabeth Jones Boddie b: 02 Apr 1795		


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