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JOHN MARKS and ELIZABETH HASTINGS, In Pettigrew, Marian Dewoody & Brightwell, Newton Edward, MARKS-BARNETT FAMILIES AND THEIR KIN, p. 1-5, Mrs. Pettigrew, writing in 1939, offers the following observations:


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First Generation

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MARKS is a name admitting of few variations, and those probably due to the peculiarities of that period of our history when every man spelled according to his own inclination. However, we find the name written as Marks, Marx, Marche, Markes, March, etc. In England it is a name common in many localities, especially in Suffolk shire, and is one of the old English names which strangely enough is at present more prolific and illustrious in this country than in England.

The Marks in early days were noted for their wealth,and have been landed proprietors since early times. The family is noted for its intelligence and influence, their chief characteristics are well balanced minds and sound judgment: they are big hearted, public spirited citizens, upright, and even unto the present generation they are honest, not only in business, but in all their dealings with their fellowman. It is seldom you find one that is not bent to an honest purpose, most of them are of deep convictions, and determined in maintaining their opinions.

Without interesting traditions, family histories would be prosaic reading. How many valuable records would be unearthed, if we could only follow the persistent traditions that crop up in every family to their source. the Hastings-Marks line fairly teems with them dating from the days in old England to the settlement of the family in the Colony of Virginia, and romance abounds.

space> It is said also that John Marx was a Jew , and eloped with Lady Hastings against the wishes of her family, the opposition being so great that he brought his wife to America. settling in Virginia, at Charlottesville, in Albemarle County. They changed their name from Marx to Marks, gave their children Christian names, and reared them in the Christian faith. The latter form of spelling has been handed down in this branch of the family.

The tradition of the Jew exists only in some branches of the family, some do not accept it in any version, and others have never even heard of it. Some are of the opinion, or rather a tradition has been handed down to them that John Marx was a barrister, or counselor at law, and was not considered the social or political mate for the high born daughter of the house of Hastings, which besides being royalty itself, boasted of many distinguished members; at any rate this couple left their native land and all their people, and sought a home in this more democratic nation.




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First Grneration

Vertical Shadow Space They brought with them nothing that would bind them to the past, not even records. The tradition of Jewish origin has not only been understood in the compiler's branch of the family, but has been accepted as a fact. Mrs. Foster who has given the subject much time and thought writes, "We have the foregoing Jewish tradition that was accepted by my grandmother in Georgia, who got it from her uncles after they came West, thence to New Orleans, she in turn beccame the sole authority for us of the younger generation."

The pros and cons of the Jewish theory are about evenly divided and as it seems inpossible to verify either version we will waste no time in trying to force an acceptance of one or the other. There is much that could probably be learned about the Marks and Hastings alliance, but so far no proof of this connection has been forthcoming. Research has not been of very much avail, it ramains for some member of the family to make personal investigation of the families in England.

The Hastings' family recored should reveal the mariage of Elizabeth, of Anne Hastings, into the Marx (Marks) family. The other part of the tradition says that she was disinherited by her people for her misalliance, and that her name was expunged fromtheir records. If that is true, they cleared the records so thoroughly that it has been inpossible to make a satisfactory research along either line. So we will begin our record with John Marks and his wife Elizabeth Hastings, of England. Child or grandchild or possibly great grandchild:

  1. Hastings Marks, b. 1745 in Albemarle Co. VA, d. Aft. 5 Nov 1761, Albemarle Co. VA.


    p. 3. footnote: John Marks, Planter-St. Marks Parish, Spotsylvania Co., VA on S. side of Rapidan, 23 Oct 1734; John Marks, and Mary- his wife and Mary, the daughter of said John...VA County Records. V.1. Crozier.

    p. 3-4; John Marx (Marks) of Suffolk County, England, married Elizabeth Hastings, also of England, about 1680-1685; this date is tentative, and may not be correct, but is given here as a working basis. It is said they came to America to cast their lot, and settled near Charlottesville, Virginia. It is supposed to have been at this time that the name was changed from Marx to Marks, which latter form has been handed down through the generations.

    Wood's HISTORY OF ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VIRGINIA, gives a list of their children. But we find that this list is incorrect. There is a difference of almost a century betwen their marriage and the marriage of Sarah, in 1782, who is listed as their daughter, in Wood's History, p 263.

    p. 36; Orange Co. VA Tithe Lists - Wm and Mary Quarterly, Jul 1918, p. 19. Said County bounded South by Hanover, north by Fairfax Grant. Tithe List for 1734 - John Marks and Richard Sims, and several others.



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  • Pettigrew, Marian Dewoody & Brightwell, Newton Edward,MARKS-BARNETT FAMILIES AND THEIR KIN

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