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Links to Other Marks Sites

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  • The Civil War in Arkansas An article on the battle of Jenkins Ferry which includes the battles of Poison Springs and Marks' Mill.

  • Crawford History The Crawford ancestors and descendants of Capt. David Crawford, father of Susannah Crawford who married Nathaniel Barnett.

  • Barbara W. Hudson's Marks and Hudson Webpage This links you to "The descendants of John Marx." This site has extensive data on the Houston branch of the Marks family.

  • Danny J. Lassiter's Descendants of Morgan Gam This site traces the descent of Morgan Gam and Lewellen through the Gains family. Although I didn't find our Daniel Gaines, nor General Edmund Pendleton Gaines, who my be a cousin of Daniel's, the site should be of interest to historians among us.

  • The Meriwether Society This site publishes some interesting articles from their newsletter, ie; Which Nicholas Married Mildred Thornton? (MC 14.3 Jul-Sep 1995

  • Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail A National Park Service site with maps, story of expedition, articles from newsletter, travel information, books and links to other Meriwether Lewis webpages.

  • PBS ONLINE has 1000 pages devoted to Ken Burns' upcoming feature, Lewis and Clark. Detailed accounts of every facet of the Expedition. GREAT!

  • Meriwether Lewis A biography

  • Stormy Dawn Maddux' Descendants of John Maddux. Generation 7 lists Sarah H. Maddux (#26) who married Moses Powell, Jr. and was the mother of Sivility Powell who married Hastings Marks.

  • Ancestors of James Clayton Harmon Lists family of Moses Powell, Jr., father of Sivility Powell who married Hastings Marks.

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