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Moseley Families in VIRGINIA

The Moseleys are one of the oldest families of Virginia which seems to be the American origins of the line discussed here. There were two major families of Moseleys in early Virginia which may have been related but the connection between the line discussed here and these Moseleys has never been established. The first is the Moseley family of Norfolk and Princess Anne Counties which originated with one William Moseley, merchant of Rotterdam, Holland, who was born in England about 1605 and died in Lower Norfolk County, VA in 1655. His family home in Virginia was Rolleston Hall, named for the the family estate in England. His wife was Susannah Burnett Blackmore, widow of Arthur Blackmore. Their two sons, William and Arthur Moseley, are often quoted with the following families:

William Moseley, II born c1630 in England/Holland died 1671 in Norfolk County, VA married Mary Gookin, daughter of John Gookin


  1. A. Edward Moseley - born 1661 - died 1736 in Princess Anne County, VA.
  2. B. William Moseley, III - born c1665 - died 1699 in Princess Anne County, VA.
  3. C. John Moseley - born c1670 - died 1740 in Princess Anne County, VA.
  4. D. Elizabeth Moseley - married William Armistead.

Arthur Moseley born c1635 in England/Holland died 1703 in Lower Norfolk County, VA married 1) c1658 to ____ Corker 2) c1663 to Sarah Hancock, dau of Simon & Sarah Hancock 3) c1680 to Ann Hargrave, dau of Richard Hargrave

Issue by ____ Corker:

  1. A. Joseph Moseley - born c1660 - died 1713
  2. B. Benjamin Moseley - born c1662 - died 1717

    Issue by Sarah Hancock:

  3. C. Susannah Moseley - born c1664 - married John Pierce
  4. D. Mary Moseley - born c1666 - married Robert Thorowgood
  5. E. George Moseley - born c1668
  6. F. Edward Moseley - born c1670
  7. G. William Moseley - born c1671
  8. H. Arthur Moseley - born c1673

    Issue by Ann Hargrave:

  9. I. Amos Moseley - born c1685
  10. J. Anthony Moseley - born c1688
  11. K. Luke Moseley - born c1690


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While we do not know the exact origins of Robert Moseley, Sr. of Elbert County, GA whose line is discussed here, his great-granddaughter, Talutha Marion Ann Moseley Cook, wife of Joseph Thomas Cook, Jr. of Texas, was quoted in an account written by Joseph Thomas Cook, Jr. around 1900 as having the following origins: "With Texas now more or less at peace and everybody prospering I began to think about a home of my own. In the neighborhood adjacent to Cook's Fort a family named Mosely had settled. They had recently come from Georgia where several of their children had been born. They sprang from staunch old English stock, originating in Staffordshire and such was the pride of earlier members of the family in their ancestry that they named their old home in Virginia "Rolleston Hall" after the ancient residence that had housed their family for generations in England. The American members of the family were quiet, self reliant people, a little stubborn, perhaps, but well bred and unostentatiously wealthy. The daughters were charming. I had gone with one of the daughters of Elisha Mosely a good deal, whenever the Indians and Mexicans left me any time at all to think of romance....After feeling that the country was safe to live in, and that I could be sure of providing for her, I determined to ask Talutha Marion Ann Mosely to be my wife."

Obviously, early tradition in the family was that these Moseleys were descendants of William Moseley of Lower Norfolk County, VA but despite repeated attempts, this connection has not been made. The Moseleys of Norfolk were a large family spreading into several eastern Virginia counties and have never been fully documented. Published accounts of this family differ as to its make-up so it is possible that Robert Moseley, Sr. of Elbert County, GA was a descendant.

The other Moseley family of Virginia were in Essex County and share many of the given names of Robert Moseley, Sr.'s descendants. Descendants of this line settled in Bute County, North Carolina near where Robert Moseley, Sr. is first found but no connection has ever been established, at least by me. The following records have been accumulated on this family:



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Will of Henry Moseley - dated March 26, 1655 - proved Sept 20, 1656 - wife Anne; son John; son Henry. Orphans account, cattle allowed to son John, dau Anne, son William, April 13, 1657.

Will of John Lyngey - dated Aug 1, 1667 - proved ? - "sons-in-law" William, John and Henry Moseley; Thomas Harding's oldest boy.

Will of John Moseley - dated May 18, 1668 - proved Nov 19, 1669 - brothers William and Henry Moseley; Cousin Thomas Harden; Cousin Anne Harden; Robert Penell and his wife. Witnesses - Henry Moseley, Robert Penell, Jane Penell. Space



Will of William Moseley - proved 1700

Estate of Robert Moseley - inventory - 1707

Estate of William Moseley - inventory - 1707

Will of Benjamin Moseley - dated Nov 7, 1709 - probated Dec 10, 1709 - son William Moseley, under 18; wife Elizabeth Moseley; daughter Mary Moseley; "dau-in-law" Elizabeth Catlett (wife's dau); two nephews William and John Moseley. Wife Elizabeth executrix. Witnesses - Samuel Dry, William Moseley, William Silver. WB - pg 260.

Will of Elizabeth Moseley - dated Oct/Dec 20, 1709 - probated Feb 10, 1710 - son William Moseley; dau Mary Moseley; dau Elizabeth Catlett, all 3 under 18; brother Samuel Thompson executor; brothers Edward Moseley, John Hawkins, William Thompson. Witnesses - Edward Moseley, Samuel Dry, William Thompson. WB - pg. 273.

Estate of John Moseley - inventory - 1717

Will of Edward Moseley - dated Jan 23, 1726/7 - probated June 20, 1727 -plantation to Elias Newman; "for want of heirs" estate to be divided between William Moseley, son of Benjamin AND Benjamin Moseley, son of Robert after decease of wife Elizabeth Moseley; friend James Alderson; wife Elizabeth executrix. Witnesses - Stephen Chenault, William Hunt, John Stokes. WB 4, pg. 204.

Will of John Moseley - proved 1736

Estate of Benjamin Moseley - inventory - 1737 WB 6, pg. 283.

Will of Elizabeth Moseley - dated ? - proved Nov 20, 1739 - nephew Elias Newman; Martha Newman, dau of Elias. WB 6, pg. 208. Space



Land patent to Benjamin Moseley dated Nov 2, 1705, Essex County, 640 acres on south side of Occupation Creek about 1 mile from creek joining Richard Coleman. Granted 1656 to Richard Lawson, deserted & now granted to BM. For importing 13 persons including "Elizabeth Dennis".

October 2, 1731 - William Moseley of Goochland County, VA to Robert Brooke of Essex County, VA "whereas Edward Moseley late of the Parish of St. Anns in the County of Essex" by his will did declare that after the decease of his wife Elizabeth Moseley, all his land should be for William Moseley, son of Benjamin Moseley and whereas "the said William Moseley, the son of the said Benjamin Moseley is since dead without issue of his body", the right now belongs to "William Moseley, party of these presents as nephew and heir at law to the said testator Edward Moseley". For 22 pounds, William Moseley sells his right of inheritance to Robert Brooke "immediately when it shall happen after the death of the said Elizabeth Moseley, widow of the testator". Witnesses - Robert Rose, Thomas Hawkins, Elias Newman.

July 6, 1732 - Tobias and Jane Ingram of Essex County, VA to Robert & Phebe Brooke of Essex County, Ingram having a parcel of 333 acres in St. Anns Parish and Brooke having 2 parcels (299 acres & 175 acres in St. Anns), "the said Tobias Ingram and Robert Brooke are minded and willing to exchange the said lands". Said parcel of 333 acres being part of a 400 acre parcel "formerly sold and conveyed by one William Moseley, deceased, to Tobias Ingram, decd, grandfather of the said Tobias Ingram, party to these presents, by deed dated Aug 17, 1657", and afterwards confirmed to Thomas Ingram, father of said Tobias, by Edward Moseley, son and heir of the said William Moseley by deed dated Feb 12, 1712.

March 28, 1749 - William Moseley of Beaufort County, NC, only son of William Moseley, decd, who was the son of Benjamin Moseley, the son of Robert Moseley, decd, of Essex County, VA, gives power of attorney to Robert Brooke of Essex, to recover from Henry Crittenden of Essex all property he possesses as late guardian of the abovesaid William Moseley, the son of Benjamin Moseley.

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From these records and the research of others, the following family structure has been constructed on these Moseleys:

Henry Moseley born c1614 in England married Anne _______ died 1656 in Northumberland County, VA
I. William Moseley born c1638 in VA married Martha Brasseur died 1676 in Rappahannock County, VA

  • A. William Moseley - born c1660 in VA - married Hannah Hawkins - died 1700 in Essex County, VA -
    1. Martha Moseley - married William Thompson, Jr.
    2. William Moseley - see later
    3. John Moseley - died 1717, unmarried and without issue.
  • B. Edward Moseley - born c1663 in VA - married Elizabeth ____ - died 1727 in Essex County, VA.
  • C. Elizabeth Moseley - born c1665 in VA - married John Hawkins.
  • D. Robert Moseley - born c1668 in VA - married ?? - died 1707 in Essex County, VA - Issue:
    1. Benjamin Moseley (1703-1737) - only heir William Moseley who died young without issue.
  • E. Benjamin Moseley - born c1671 in VA - married Elizabeth Thompson - died 1709 in Essex County, VA - Issue:
    1. William Moseley
    2. Mary Moseley

II. Henry Moseley, Jr. born c1640 in VA

III. Anne Moseley born c1642 in VA married Thomas Harding who died 1674 in Rappahannock County, VA

IV. John Moseley born c1645 in VA died 1668 in Northumberland County, VA

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From here, this Moseley line spread to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and beyond. The following family is attributed to William Moseley, Jr. above:

William Moseley, son of William and Hannah (Hawkins) Moseley born c1690 in Essex County, VA married c1721 to Elizabeth ______ died c1770 in Bute County, NC

I. William Moseley, III - born c1724 - married Sarah ____ - living in what became Edgefield District, SC in 1790.

II. John Moseley - born c1726 - married Dec 27, 1751 in Goochland County, VA to Anne Williams - died 1795 in Bute/Warren County, NC - Issue:

  • A. William Moseley
  • B. John Moseley, Jr.
  • C. Jesse Moseley - born March 20, 1757 in Goochland County, VA
  • D. James Moseley - born Jan 26, 1760 in Goochland County, VA - married Patsy Archer - died 1805 Warren County, NC.
  • E. Elizabeth Moseley - married Augustine Patillo.
  • F. Mary Moseley - born May 23, 1766 in Goochland County, VA - married Benjamin Kimbell.
  • G. Nancy/Ann Moseley - born July 5, 1769 in Goochland County, VA - married ____ Gunn.
  • H. Joseph Moseley

III. Thomas Moseley - born c1728 - married Mary ____ - died South Carolina.

IV. daughter Moseley - born c1732 - married William Sessums - went to Edgefield District, SC.

V. Robert Moseley - born c1735 - married 1) Penelope Talley; 2) Mary Bransford? - died 1796 in Edgefield District, SC - Issue:

  • A. Benjamin Moseley - died 1795 in Edgefield District, SC.
  • B. Mary Moseley - married Derrick Holsenbeck.
  • C. John Moseley
  • D. Elizabeth Moseley - married Edward? Vann.
  • E. Sarah Moseley - married ____ Hagood.
  • F. Martha Moseley - married Malachi Stallings.
  • G. Edward Moseley - born April 5, 1771 - married Martha Butler - died May 20, 1834 in Montgomery County, AL.
  • H. Susannah Moseley - married ____ Adams
  • I. Rachel Moseley - married Thomas Davis.
  • J. Anna Moseley - born July 22, 1778 - married Eleazer Jeter - died Oct 26, 1847 in Montgomery County, AL.
  • K. Lydia Moseley - married 1) Elisha Moseley; 2) Luke Williams - died 1843.
  • L. Robert S. T. Moseley - married Rebecca Smith-Adams - died 1829.
  • M. Jesse Moseley - born March 21, 1784 in Baldwin County, GA - married Mildred Copeland - died 1827 in Morgan County, GA.
  • N. Daniel Moseley - married March 8, 1809 to Sarah Copeland - died 1856.
  • O. Penelope Moseley - married John Copeland - died 1845.
  • P. Gracey Moseley - married D. Young.
  • Q. Thomas Moseley - married Dec 13, 1814 to Nancy Smedley - died 1820.

VI. Benjamin Moseley - born c1737 - married Winnifred Myrick? - died 1793 in Wilkes County, GA - Issue:

  • A. Mary "Polly" Moseley - married ____ York.
  • B. William Moseley - married Rachel ____ - died 1811 in Lincoln County, GA.
  • C. Elizabeth "Betsy" Moseley - married William Paradise who died 1809 in Lincoln County, GA.
  • D. Sarah "Sally" Moseley - married ____ Mooney.
  • E. Benjamin Moseley, Jr. - married Lettice Noland? - died 1797 in Lincoln County, GA.
  • F. Mildred Moseley
  • G. Jonathan Moseley
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Another early Georgia Moseley was Alexander Moseley of Greene County, GA who died there in 1799. An Alexander Moseley witnessed the will of Benjamin Moseley above of Wilkes County in 1793 so he may have been closely related to the above family. The inventory and appraisal of the estate of Alexander Moseley was presented in Greene County on June 17, 1799. Appraisers were William Melton, Ellis West and James Hanes. Bonds were taken on Joseph Moseley and Joseph Ashbrook June 18, 1799 in connection with Alexander's estate. The following is a breakdown of some of his descendants.

Alexander Moseley born c1750 probably in Virginia died 1799 in Greene County, GA

I. Benjamin Moseley - born c1782 in VA - married 1812 to Mary Louisa Blunt - died c1855 in Putnam County, GA - Issue:

  1. Frances B. Moseley - born c1815 in GA - married March 26, 1844 in Putnam County, GA to Junius A. Wingfield.
  2. Joseph A. Moseley - born c1817 in GA - married Caroline L____.
  3. Albert Oscar Moseley - born c1819 in GA.
  4. Augustus W. Moseley - born c1823 in GA.
  5. Benjamin Felix Moseley - born c1826 in GA.
    {Other children sometimes attributed to Benjamin and Mary Blunt Moseley include Mary, Henry, James Blount and Adel Sherwood Moseley although the marriage notice for Frances Moseley and Junius Wingfield lists Frances as "only daughter of Benjamin Moseley"}

II. Joseph Moseley

III. Polly C. Moseley - married ____ Myrick - died 1846 in Putnam County, GA.

IV. Thomas Moseley

V. Nancy Moseley - married ____ Houghton.

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