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New York Census Index 1780

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Gildersleaves, Joseph91: 6RNSL
Gildersleeve, Asa259: 4TOGA
Gildersleeve, Benjamin022: 1DUTC
Gildersleeve, Finch174: 1DUTC
Gildersleeve, Henry123: 1DUCT
Gildersleeve, James023: 1DUCT
Gildersleeve, John77B: 5QUEN
Gildersleeve, Nathaniel024: 1DUCT
Gildersleeve, Phillip103: 1DUCT
Gildersleeve, Silas311: 1ORNG
Gildersleeve, Thomas034: 1DUCT
Gildersleeve, Widow84B: 7SUFF
Gildersleeve, Wighthead83A: 7SUFF
Gildersleeve, William125: 1DUCT
Gildersleeves, Joseph149B: 7WTCH
Gildersleive, Stephen83B: 7SUFF
Gildersleve78A: 5QUEN
Gildersleve, George78A: 5QUEN
Gildersleve, James74B 5QUEN
Gildersleve, John78A 5QUEN
Gildersleve, Jonathan74B 5QUEN
Gildersleve, Richard74B 5QUEN
Gildersleve, Richard, Jr.74B QUEN
Gildersleve, Richard, Sr.74B: 5QUEN
Gildersleve, Simeon74B: 5QUEN
Gildersleve, Wright76A: 5QUEN
Gildersleve, John10B 7SRIG
Gildersleaf, Elkanah22: 2ALBY

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New York Census Index 1790

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Gilderslaw, Joseph38
Gilderslave, Thomas148
Gildersleaf, Elkanah28
Gildersleave, Catharine156
Gildersleave, George156
Gildersleave, James167
Gildersleave, Jonathan156
Gildersleave, Mary156
Gildersleave, Richard157
Gildersleave, Simeon156
Gildersleave, Stephen163
Free White Males 16 and up 1
Free White Males under 16 2
Free White Females 2
all other Free 0
Slaves 0
Gildersleeve, Benjamin31
Gildersleeve, Henry77
Gildersleave, James79
Gildersleeve, Nathaniel79
Gildersleeve, Phillip94
Gildersleeve, Silas185
Gildersleve, Benjamin163
Gildersleve, Daniel164
Gildersleve, Eliza163
Gildersleve, Joel153
Gildersleve, John163
Gildersleve, Wighthead163
Gildersleve, Widdow104


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North Carolina Census Index 1830 New Bern, Craven County

Gilderseeve, John123
Jones, Alfred P.137
Jones, Allywell165
Jones, Aranith162
Jones, Asa139
Jones, Bryan117
Jones, Celia114
Jones, Chloe113
Jones, Eli149
Jones, Gideon103
Jones, Hardy150
Jones, Harvy L.098
Jones, Henry151
Jones, Henry135
Jones, Henry W.135
Jones, Humphrey127
Jones, James128
Jones, James T.103
Jones, James, Sr.098
Jones, John128
Jones, John H.130
Jones, John H. Jr.138
Jones, Josuah154
Jones, Lane125
Jones, Lewis112
Jones, Manuel119
Jones, Nancy125
Jones, Nathan117
Jones, Peter131
Jones, Rachel125
Jones, Bobbin126
Jones, Samuel150
Jones, Sarah165
Jones, Simon113
Jones, Smith152
Jones, Solomon152
Jones, Thomas152
Jones, Thomas131
Jones, Warry113
Jones, William098


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Autauga County, Alabama Census 1840 & 1850

        Federal Census, 1840, Autauga Co., Mulberry Beat

   John Gildersleaves 1 Male 40 to 50 [self]
                      1 Female under 5   [Sarah]
                      1 Female 5 to 10   [Harriett]
                      1 Female 15 to 20  [Mary Elizabeth]
                      1 Female 30 to 40  [Martha(Jones)
                      1 Male 15-20
                      1 Female 20-30
                Total 7 

        Federal Census, 1850, Autauga Co., Mulberry Beat

      3/4 John Gildersleeve  54 m          NY
          Martha             40 f          NC
          Harriett           16 f          NC
          Sarah              11 f          AL
          John                8 m          AL
          John D Davis       54 m  Farmer  NC


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Marengo County, Alabama Census 1850 & 1860

        Federal Census, 1850, Marengo Co., 

   92  John Gildersleeve 59 M farmer 4000 N.Y.

Federal Census, 1860, Marengo Co., Clayhill
# Name Age Sex Co Job Real Per brn town 39/40 John Gildersleeve 70 M W farmer 6000 15,000 NY Clayhill Martha 59 F W NC Clayhill


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Sumpter County, Alabama Census 1850 & 1860

       1850 Census, Sumpter Co., AL
      21 Sep 1850 by Danl. L. Ayers, p. 523 B
      66 67 Murley, Steven W.   37 m Hotel keeper $6000 SC
                    Ann         39 f                    NC
                    Anne S.     11 f                    AL
                    Malinda B.   8 f                    AL
                    Wellington   5 m                    AL
                    Elizabeth C. 1 f                    AL
            Yates,  William L   19 m                    AL

       1860 Census, Sumpter Co., AL

      550 550  S. W. Murley    47  M     P. M.          SC
               H. D. Murley    24  F                    NC
               A. S. Murley    19  F                    AL
               M. B. Murley    17  F                    AL
               W. A. Murley    16  F                    AL
               E. A. Murley    11  F                    AL
               M. A. Murley     5  F                    AL
               M. E. Murley     4  F                    AL
               Sallie Murley    2  F                    AL
               O. W. Murley     1  F                    AL
               J. A. Smith     50  M     M.D.           NC
               J. J. Hutchinson22  M    Aty at Law      AL 

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