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Dorothy Wass recorded and photographed these Gildersleeve graves at Comac Methodist Church Cemetery at Commack, New York. She sent them to me in April 1999.

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Comac Methodist Church

Vertical Shadow Space Comac Methodist Church
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Comac Methodist Church at Commack, Suffolk County,
New York. The Cemetery can be seen behind the Church. 
Photo taken April 1999 by Dorothy Wass.

The Historical Marker from the town of Huntington 
indicates that:
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Comac Church Oldest Methodist Church Building in New York State Built in 1789 Organized in 1783. John Phillips First Preacher.
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The Commack Cemetry is separated from the Comac 
Church Cemetery by a chain link fence. There are 
Gildersleeves buried in both of these cemeteries.

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Comac Methodist Church Cemetery

Vertical Shadow Space Comac Methodist Church Cemetery
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The Cemetery in the background of the top photo 
is the Commack Cemetery. Notice the fence between 
it and the unfenced Comac Methodist Church Cemetery. 
The four stones in the top picture are shown in the 
background of the lower photo. All of these are 
Gildersleeves. Hannah, the daughter of Steven 
Gildersleeve married Lorenzo Wicks.

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Stephen and Amelia Gildersleeve graves

Vertical Shadow Space Amelia (Ruland) Gildersleeve's grave Stephen Gildersleeve's grave
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Amelia Gildersleeve, 
born June 1763 
died May 1841.
Aged 78 years old
Wife of 
Stephen Gildersleeve
Stephen Gildersleeve, 
born 11 April 1755 
died 30 July 1853
Aged 98 years, 
3 months and 19 days.

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More Gildersleeve graves in Comac Methodist Church Cemetery

Vertical Shadow Space Almeda Gildersleeve's grave Hannagh Gildersleeve's grave
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Almeda Gildersleeve,
Daughter of Stephen 
and Mele Gildersleeve
9 December 1824
Age 16 years old
Hannagh Gildersleeve, 
Wife of Daniel Gildersleeve 
30 July 1840 40 years old 
8 months and 2 days.
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Alexander Gildersleeve, son of Stephen and Amelia Gildersleeve,
interred at Brooklyn, NY 10 April 1831, age 27 years.

Hannah Elizabeth Gildersleeve, daughter of Daniel 
and Hannah Gildersleeve 
20 May 1836 - 1 year, 1 month and 1 day.

Smith Gildersleeve, son of Richard and Nancy Gildersleeve
22 June 1822 - 13 years, 11 months and 12 days.

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Gildersleeve Graves in Commack Cemetery

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In the fenced Commack Cemetery 
are the following Gildersleeve Graves:
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William A Roberts, died 17 Jan 1869, aged 62 years

Lucinda (Gildersleeve) Roberts, wife of William Roberts
died 2 Nov 1890 at the age of 80.

Georgianna Roberts, wife of Henry F. Roberts
born 22 April 1845, died 12 April 1883.

Henry F. Roberts, died date unreadable.

Susan Roberts, wife of son, William A. Roberts,
born 1 March 1855, died 3 March 1888.

Alfred Floyd Roberts, son of William and Susan Roberts,
born 24 June 1876 and died 8 August 1877. 

John E. Gildersleeve, born 6 October 1836, died 21 May 1818.
(Vet. 1861-1865)

Isabell, wife of John E. Gildersleeve
born 23 Oct 1854 died 3 April 1932.

Charles W. Gildersleeve, born 1 August 1886, died 13 Feb 1966

Grace Davis, wife of Ormiston Rae, 
born 16 December 1874 died 17 December 1958.

Timothy Gildersleeve, born 25 Nov 1800, died 1 Sept 1872

Catherine, wife of Timothy Gildersleeve
born 2 April 1793, died 3 April 1840

Walter Marshall 1897-1984
Anna G. 1895-1978

Mati Gildersleeve 55, 12 August ???

Ruth Cru___??
Ruth Gildersleeve, daughter of __eth and Elizabeth,
who died 30 December 1860, age 22

Daniel Gildresleeve, died 4 November 1884, age 85

Caroline, wife of Daniel Gildersleeve,
3 May 1863 age 45 (This was Daniel's second wife. 
His first wife is buried in the Cemetery of the 
Comac Methodist Church, which is linked by a fence).

Daughter of Smith and Mary Gildersleeve, 
born 23 Sep 1852,  died 6 Jan 1872.

Father - Moses Gildersleeve - 
born 8 September 1832, died 21 September 1903

Mother - Sarah L. Nostrand, his wife
born 16 November 1839, died 1 August 1880.

and Children
	George B. Gildersleeve 1864-1869
	Frank Gildersleeve 1870-1871
	Ruth E. Gildersleeve 23 April 1872 - 6 July 1884
	Sadie L. Gildersleeve 2 August 1877 - 15 May 1878
	James F. Gildersleeve 16 July 1874 - 2 March 1912
 (All of the above are on one large stone)

James Gildersleeve ???

Grace Rae, wife of Selah Gildersleeve? 1910-1931 
and Baby Gildersleeve 1929-1929.

Gildersleeve, beloved father of William, born 1865, died 1939.

Smith Gildersleeve - died 14 May 1881 - age 56 years.


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