In the days before television blurred the regional differences of our speech, children in the South addressed their grownup relatives as "Cuddin" so and so. This genealogy is offered as a tribute to them and as a legacy to our children.
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Boddie family

begins with William Boddie who was born in England, married (1) Anne (2) Mary, emigrated to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia where he died Bef. 25 Feb 1716/17.
Allied Families: Dickson, Gildersleeve, Lanier, Moseley

Campbell family

begins with John Campbell who was born in Virginia in 1788 was in Lincoln Co. TN in 1820. He moved his family to Dallas Co., AL where he died in 1847.
Allied Families: Moseley

Dickson family

begins with Michael Dickson, who came to Pennsylvania from County Tyrone, Ireland, about 1710-20. His wife, Nancy Campbell of Scotland, and their two sons, John, born 1704, and William, born in 1706, came with him. The family moved to North Carolina and South Carolina, then to Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.
Allied Families: Lanier, Hix/Hicks

Gildersleeve family

begins with Richard Gildersleeve who was born in 1601 in Suffolk, England, may have married Jo Anna Appleton in 1620 in Suffolk, England, emigrated to Massachusetts bef 1635, and died in 1680/1681 in Hempstead, Nassau, on Long Island, NY. Descendant chart begins with his descendant, John Gildersleeve was born in Hempstead, Suffolk Co. New York in 1791, married Martha Jones in Newbern, Craven Co. North Carolina in 1821, moved his family to Autauga Co. Alabama before 1837 and died 1896 in Air Mont, Clark Co., Alabama.
Allied Families: Boddie, Murley

Gonzalez family

begins with Manuel Gonzalez of Cādiz, Spain who married Joaquina Cachon. Three of his grandchildren emigrated to Mexico and Maria Eugenia came to El Paso, Texas after her marriage to Antonio Muņoz Pizā.
Allied Families: Muņoz

Hicks / Hix family

begins with Robert Hix who was born Abt 1658, and died Bef February 07, 1739/40 in Brunswick County, Virginia. He married (1) Winifred Evans Abt 1690, daughter of John Evans and Mary. He married (2) Frances Aft 1690. He was from Hix Ford, Virginia.
Allied Families: Dickson

Lanier family

begins with John Lanier who was born in Lewisham, Eng and died in Prince George Co, Virginia. The family moved to North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama.
Allied Families: Dickson, Washington

Maddux family

in England, married Elizabeth Abt. 1640 and died 04 Apr 1660 in Virginia or North Carolina. the family moved to Georgia.
Allied Families: Powell

Marks family

begins with Hastings Marks who was born in 1745 in Albemarle Co, Virginia, married Mary and died Aft. 05 Nov 1761 in Albemarle Co, Virginia. The family moved to Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisana and Texas.
Allied Families Harvie, Hastings, Morgan, Raines, Powell, Tompkins

Morgan family

begins with John Morgan who married Ann Barbee who died 19 Feb 1731/32. He died Aft. 1731.
Allied Families: Bridges, Marks, Ware, Barbee

Moseley family

begins with Robert Moseley who was born Abt. 1730 in Virginia? and died Aft. 1805 in Elbert Co. GA. He married Elizabeth whose last name may have been Dennis. This was probably a second marriage.
Allied Families: Raines, Campbell

Muņoz family

begins with Miguel Muņoz y Raga, native of Catarroja, Valencia, Spain who married Tomasa Ortiz y Borf of Valencia. Their grandson, Antonio Muņoz Pisā left Spain to study in England. From there he went to Mexico where he married Maria Euginia Gonzalez of Cadiz, Spain. In 1912 they came to the El Paso, TX.
Allied Families: Gonzalez

Powell family

begins with George Powell who married Ann. He was probably from Nansemond Co., He died in Bertie Co., NC in 1736, leaving all his property to his four sons, Cader, Lewis, George and Moses Powell.
Allied Families: Maddux, Marks


is a family history written by Cornelia Sanderson Dickson in 1856 aided by her grandmother, Mary (Dickson) Lanier and includes the lines; Boddie, Dickson, Lanier, Hix and Williams.

Raines family

begins with Stephen Raines (my family called him "Asa") who was born in 1766 in North Carolina, married abt 1791 in North Carolina (1) Mary Rory (2) bef 1811, Margaret Williams who was born 1775 in Virginia and died in 1824 in Crockett Co., Tennessee. He died in 1862 in Gibson Co. Tennessee.
Allied Families: Rorie, Turner, Marks

Williams family

begins with Theopholus and Ben Williams. Theopolus Williams settled near Halifax, N.C. Ben Williams, Sr. married Christian Bryan. Their sons were: Ben, John, James, Louis and Joseph.

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